J. K. Norfleet ant the pit roasting a whole hog.

The bare bones beginning of JK’s Dry Rub Seasoning took place in a cowboy camp in Arizona many years ago. The aroma from the grilled ribs was all it took for J.K. Norfleet to know he had a winner on his hands. Through the years he experimented with the beginning recipe to perfect its delicious savory-sweet flavor. Today that finished product is known as the Cowboy Blend and is beloved by many throughout the United States.

Mr. J. K. Norfleet
Mr. J. K. Norfleet

Winston-Salem, North Carolina native, J.K. Norfleet left the investment banking business after several years to pursue restaurant investments. Having been born into a food and entertainment-oriented family, he capitalized on his love and talent of cooking and opened JK’s Restaurant on the Outer Banks off the coast of North Carolina in 1984. He put JK’s Dry Rub Seasoning to use in the restaurant and given its popularity, he decided to market it and the seasoning can now be found in small specialty shops, supermarkets and online.

If you are ever in the Outer Banks, stop by the ever popular JK’s Restaurant which still uses the delicious seasoning in many recipes as well as its thriving catering business.